November 5th: Stories of "Old" Lakeside

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 29th: Launched Into A New Life

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 22: Leaving Home

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 8: A Fruitful Life

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 1: Give What You Got

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

September 24th: Generous God, Generous People

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

The Art of Neighboring

It was 2004…you know, the summer Florida was hurricane central.  After all the hours of picking up each other yards, sharing food and drinks and checking on each other, I had never felt closer to my neighbors than I did at that time.  So many people have had this same experience and have wondered why we can’t feel this way about our neighbors all of the time.  It is ironic that we live in closer proximity to more people than ever before, and yet more people feel more alone than ever before.


Jesus told us that the two most important things we need to do to fulfill all of the Scriptures is to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Embarrassingly, many Christians can’t name theneighbors next door.  So, we have work to do to fulfill Jesus’ calling to us.  Join us to hear what God tells us about The Art Of Neighboring through the Scriptures and the Sunday messages.


8/13                       Neighbor:  A Sacred Calling


8/20                       Over The Fence


8/27                       The Kingdom Of God Involves Parties


9/3                         Motives:  What Are You Selling?


9/10                       Enter When The Door Opens



September 3rd: The Art of Neighboring; What Are You Selling?

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

August 27th: The Art of Neighboring; Jesus Throws Parties

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

August 20th: The Art of Neighboring; Going Over the Fence

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

The E-Word

When is the last time you heard the word ‘evangelism?’  How did hearing it make you feel?  Did a shiver run up and down your spine?  Did you roll your eyes as you remembered the last time an ‘evangelist’ tried to persuade you that you were in trouble with God and that the only way out was to repeat some words he had written on a piece of paper?  Or maybe images of televangelists traveling the world in private jets to speak to millions of poor people came to mind.  The words evangelism and evangelist have taken a beating in recent decades.


The Bible, however, uses the word to describe people who bring GOOD news about God’s love and healing (salvation) to everyone in the world.  Jesus was an evangelist, and his way of bringing the good news of salvation into the world was to live it AND say it.  His sermons often followed acts of healing, forgiving, and feeding the poor.  Sometimes his sermons were about something beautiful he had seen (remember the widow who gave her last mite as an offering of love to God).  Good life, given and restored to people by a loving God through Jesus Christ; that’s the GOOD NEWS! 


We Jesus followers are called to be evangelists, people who share the good news that good life, eternal life comes through the cross and empty tomb of Jesus Christ.  So how do we do this in a world that still has a bad aftertaste in its mouth from all of the “evangelism” it has eaten recently?  We will explore what the Bible says and what other Christians are learning in our sermon series “The E-Word.

July 23rd: Lessons From The Mountain; Mountain TOP Sunday

by Mountain TOP Mission Team

July 9th: Peacemaking: The Extra Mile

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

July 2nd: Peacemaking: Gentle Restoration

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

June 18th: Peacemaking: Honoring God in Conflict

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

June 4th: Nehemiah; Renewed By God's Word

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

May 28th: Cleaning Inside Before Moving In

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

May 14th: Nehemiah, The Names on the Backs of Jerseys

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

May 7th: Nehemiah, The Vision to Rebuild

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

April 30th: Nehemiah, Driven to Prayer

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

April 23rd: Resurrection Bodies

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

April 16th: Easter Sunday, He is Risen!

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

Start The New Year On The Path

Want to grow in love, hope, service, and joy in 2017?  The pathway to get there is the one that follows Jesus step by step into new life!  As you set the direction for your family’s 2017, join us for the new sermon series called “The Path” during which we will discover how to follow Jesus on the path to new life.




*1/8                       Who is Jesus and why would I want to follow him?                   John 1: 1-18

*1/15                    Nicodemus and the beautiful thing about starting over               John 3: 1-17

*1/22                    Jesus Is The Bread Of Life                                                          John 6: 1-14, 25-51

*1/29                    What Did Jesus Die For?                                                             John 19: 16-42

*2/5                       Jesus Is The Risen King                                                             John 20: 1-30

*2/12                    Jesus Invites You To Follow And Really Live!                              John 20: 24-31, Acts 1:25

2/19                       Colossians 3: 1-17

2/26                       Ephesians 1: 15-2:22

3/5                         Ephesians 4:25-5:20

3/12                       Romans 12

3/19                       Revelation 4: 1-11, 5: 1-14, John 14: 15-21, 25-31

3/26                       Nehemiah 8: 1-12

4/2                         Psalm 119, James 1:19-2:18,


April 9th: Palm Sunday; The Hard Truth

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

April 2nd: The Path; Disciples grow in wisdom through Scripture

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

March 26th: The Path; Disciples Grow With God In Scripture

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

March 12th: The Path; Disciples Learn Every Puzzle Piece Counts

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

February 26th: The Path; Disciples Learn Together

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

February 19th: The Path;

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

February 12th: The Path, Jesus invites Us To Follow Him And Really Live

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

February 5, 2017: The Path, Jesus Is The Risen King

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

January 29nd: The Path, What did Jesus die for?

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

January 22nd: The Path, Jesus the Bread of Life

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

January 15th: The Path, The Beautiful Thing About Starting Over

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

January 8th: The Path, Who Is Jesus?

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

Happy New Year!

Here is the link to the Covenant Renewal Questions from Pastor Cameron’s Sermon.

January 1st: Covenant Renewal Service

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

What Jesus Wants For Christmas


The commercials have been out now since Halloween; children jumping up and down with eyes eager to see what’s under the Christmas tree, the sound of jingling bells, and the run-down of all the great deals you can find for Christmas gifts!  Parents are starting to ask their children, “What do you want for Christmas?”  Spouses may be dropping hints.  This Advent (the 4 week season of preparation for the coming of Jesus), I thought it would be fun to turn these conversations around from focusing on what we want for Christmas to focusing on what Jesus wants for Christmas.  We’ll be reading the gospel lessons with this view in mind and learn a few things about why God humbled himself to become human in the first place.  Along the way we’ll be amazed by the divine love we find.  Invite some friends and family and join us!


11/27          To Be Prepared For The Reign Of His Kingdom (Lighting The Chrismon Tree)

12/4            For Us To Turn Around When We Are Going The Wrong Way

12/11          To Make All That Is Broken Whole Again

12/18          To Be With Us

12/24          To Bring The Kingdom Life Into Time (5:30 and 7:30 Candlelight and Communion Services)

12/25          To Salvage The World (10:45 only, Relaxed Family Worship)”


December 25: What Jesus Wants For Christmas

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

December 24: What Jesus Wants For Christmas

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

December 11: What Jesus Wants For Christmas

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

December 4: What Jesus Wants For Christmas

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

November 27, 2016: What Jesus Wants For Christmas

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook


If you have ever longed for a little more simplicity and clarity in your life, please join me in worship these next four weeks for a sermon series titled 3 Simple Rules for Good Living”.

John Wesley spent his life immersed in the Bible while on a mission to help people find wholeness and freedom in Jesus Christ.  While working with the poor and the rich and everyone in between, he learned 3 simple rules for personal finances that also lead to good living, “Earn all you can.  Save all you can.  Give all you can.” 

In these complex and confusing times when things seem a bit blurry, come find some clarity and simplicity in the wisdom of the Bible and our Christian life.

Oct. 30 – Wisdom:  Essential For Good Life

Nov. 6 – Earn All You Can!

Nov. 13 –Save All You Can!

Nov. 20 – Give All You Can!

November 13, 2016: Earn.Save.Give; Save All You Can

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

November 6, 2016: Earn.Save.Give; Wisdom: Earn All You Can

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 30, 2016: Earn.Save.Give; Wisdom: Essential For Good Life

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

Running The Race Of Faith

We’ve often heard of our lives described as a ‘rat race.”  Usually what we mean by that is we feel we are running around too fast doing things that we aren’t sure are that important.  Paul often describes the life of faith as a race, but he describes it more gloriously like an Olympic race with goals of the greatest importance and worthy of our very best efforts for God.  If you are tired of running a rat race, come find out how to run a more worth while “Race of Faith!

October 23, 2016: The Race of Faith; Finishing Well In Grace

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 16, 2016: The Race of Faith; Perserverance

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 9, 2016: The Race of Faith; Stay Focused

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

October 2, 2016 ; The Race of Faith

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

Welcome To The Kingdom Of God

September 25, 2016 ; Welcome To God's Kingdom

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

September 11, 2016 ; Welcome To God's Kingdom

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

September 4, 2016 ; Welcome To God's Kingdom

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

We Once Were Strangers

Do you remember the last time you moved?  You didn’t know where you would shop, what the schools were like, and who you would make new friends with.  It was an exciting and anxious time.  As we invite and welcome new people to Lakeside now and in the coming years of growth we need to remember what it is like to be new, and we need to remember how important hospitality is to make everyone feel welcomed into God’s family.  Join us for a new sermon series called “We Once Were Strangers.”  And, please, invite someone to come along!



August 28, 2016; Welcome To The Fellowship Of The Recovering

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook


Join us this summer as Pastor Cameron takes us through the book of Galatians; Paul’s letter to the early Christian communities of Galatia.  



August 7, 2016; The Right Start Sunday

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook

July 31, 2016. You Are What You Love

by Robert Lewis | Worship Leader

July 3, 2016. Galatians 2: The Yardstick of Faith and Life

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Galatians

June 26, 2016 Galatians 1: Really Good News

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Galatians

32241Hymn Song Stories:

Join us this weekend(June 5th at 10:45AM) as we sing the hymns and learn the stories behind them.  We will be combining services so there will not be an 8:30AM Traditional Service this weekend!  Looking forward to seeing you there!





It’s Time For Revival!

I believe that God is calling Lakeside to be revived!  It’s not that we are dying or are exhausted.  In fact, we are a small but healthy church.  Yet, as we relocate and rebuild at our new location on Henderson and SR 46, I feel God is giving us a grand opportunity to have even more of the life and vitality of Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit breathed into us! 

  •  Commit to pray for God to lead and empower Lakeside members to share their faith in acts of kindness and words that tell people of God’s love in their every day lives.
  • Commit to being in worship every week over the next six weeks in person or by listening to the sermons on the website or through the Lakeside app, as we share how God used the people like John Wesley and the people called Methodist’s to revive the faith and lives of millions in the name of Jesus Christ and how God wants to revive us today!


May 1st, 2016 It's Time for Revival!

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Revival

April 17, 2016 It's Time for Revival!

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Revival

April 10, 2016 It's Time for Revival!

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Revival

April 3, 2016 It's Time for Revival!

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Revival

This Lent, Don’t Miss The Sermon Series “Why?”

Ever wonder why God does certain things and doesn’t do other things?  Ever wonder why it’s hard to know God’s will sometimes or why prayers seem to go unanswered or why the innocent suffer?  Join us starting March 6th as we explore the questions that lurk in the shadows of our hearts and minds when we face difficulties in our faith.  It’s time to look for the light of Christ in those places too.  We’ll end with our Easter celebration focusing on “Why God’s Love Prevails.”


March 26 2016; Why? Easter Service!

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Why?

March 20 2016; Why?

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Why?

March 6, 2016; Why?

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Why?

Questions: The Quest of Faith; February 21st & 28th.  Please send your questions to Pastor Cameron via email or drop them in the box in the lobby!

I hope you’ll plan to join us for the 2 week series “Questions:  The Quest Of Faith” starting February 21st. Many of you sent in some very interesting and challenging questions, and I have already started preparing my thoughts and understanding of what the Bible says.  So, you’ll have to come (and bring friends!) to find out things like, “What’s the deal with angels?”  “Are unicorns mentioned in the Bible?  If so, are they real?” “If Adam and Eve were the only two people to start populating the earth, who did their kids marry to have their own kids?”  “Is the Bible reliable?”  It’s gonna be good stuff!  See you there!

February 28, 2016; Q&A Sermon Series

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | Q&A Sermon Series


A fist punches into a Bible.

The Fight For First Place:  January 3rd-February 14th

There is always a struggle for what is in first place in our hearts, minds, and souls.  We want ourselves to be there.  The Devil wants anything or anyone to be there except God.  God wants to be there so all will be well.  Even when we think we have our priorities in order, then there is the daily work of making choices that reflect what is most important. 

 As Christians, we teach what Jesus taught when he said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things (the necessities of life) will be added to you as well.”  Join us this January as we learn how to identify our idols and be free of them, how to really trust God and really live in the reality that Jesus is Lord.



February 7, 2016; The Fight For First Place

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | The Fight For First Place

January 31, 2016; The Fight For First Place

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | The Fight For First Place

December 20, 2015; A Reel/Real Christmas: It's All About Love

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | A Reel/Real Christmas

December 13, 2015; A Reel/Real Christmas: It's A Wonderful Life. Joy in Good Times & Bad

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | A Reel/Real Christmas

December 6, 2015; A Reel/Real Christmas: The Grinch & The Pathway To Peace

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | A Reel/Real Christmas

Nov 29, 2015; A Reel/Real Christmas: HOPE & Miracle on 34th St.

by Pastor Cameron Lashbrook | A Reel/Real Christmas

A Disciple’s Path

Almost everyone who comes to church is looking for a better life.  Some want to know if God is real.  Some want to know who Jesus is and why they should follow him.  Most come looking for help in life-forgiveness, healing, purpose, strength, direction, and hope.  So, we come looking to find out if Jesus can give us these things.  We come looking to see if following Jesus will help us find this kind of life.

 A Disciple is a literally “a learner” or “a student” of Jesus’ way of life.  To find new life we must become disciples of Jesus.  That’s what this message series is about.

October 18, 2015; Knowing and Doing God's Will

Teach Me To Pray

Prayer. Everyone has done it in some form or another, in emergencies, when overwhelmed with the goodness of life, during church, or in the car. But what exactly is prayer? Why do we do it? What difference does it make? The “Teach Me To Pray” series will cover honest prayer, how to persist in prayer when times are tough, and how prayer and action go together, among other topics. Join us as we look at how Jesus taught his followers and those he served to pray. And don’t forget to bring a friend!  Starting August 16th! 




September 13, 2015; Take Off Your Training Wheels

August 16, 2015. Prayer for Teachers, Students & Transitions

August 2nd: Prelude to Teach Me to Pray

John 6:24-35

August 2, 2015. Prelude to "Teach Me To Pray" series. John 6:24-35

June 28th: From Recreation to Re-creation Part @

Galatians 6: 12-15 & Colossians 3: 1-14

June 28th: From Recreation to Re-creation part 1

June 7th: The Courage to Keep Going Is What Counts

2 Corninthians 4: 13  – 5:1

June 7th: The Courage to Keep Going is What Counts

May 31st: God Uses Clay Jars

2 Corninthians 4: 1-12

Resurrection People

“It is said in scripture that ‘without a vision the people will perish.’ What is your vision of resurrection life? How do we live in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ? These are questions we will be asking God to clarify for us as we study Acts in the weeks to come. In Acts, God reveals to us what resurrection people look like. From there, we will better understand how we are to live in resurrection life daily with Jesus! Invite friends and join us for “What Resurrection People Look Like!”

May 17th: What Resurrection People Look Like

May 10th: What Resurrection People Look Like

April May 3rd: What Resurrection People Look Like

April 26th: What Resurrection People Look Like

April 12th: What Resurrection People Look Like

Lent:  The Renegade Gospel

“I remember seeing a painting of Jesus at an earlier time in my life. The brush strokes captured him as a pasty white guy holding some fluffy lambs-kind, gentle, smiling ever so slightly. This, I concluded, was a guy who would never stir things up. The more I have gotten to know Jesus through the pages of Scripture and in my personal experience, the less accurate that picture becomes for me. Michael Slaughter, Pastor and Author of Renegade Gospel, writes “Jesus didn’t come to start a religion. The rebel Jesus came with a renegade gospel to start a revolution.” Invite your friends and neighbors to join us for the upcoming sermon series The Renegade Gospel.  ~Pastor Cameron



January & February Sermons: How Shall We Respond to God?

In this scientific age, many of us look at our lives as a series of responses to stimuli.  That is, life happens, and our role is to respond to whatever happens to us.  Likewise, we are taught to be proactive, meaning, we need to have a vision, a plan, and a desire to act for what we want to accomplish in life so that we shape life itself.  While both of these are important, we followers of Jesus must not forget that our whole lives are a response to God’s gifts.  Were it not for God breathing God’s Spirit into a pile of dust, humanity would not have been created.  Were it not for God’s initiative, nothing good in life would’ve come our way.  Our whole lives are a response to God’s initiative.  How shall we respond to God?  Come, invite your friends and family, and let’s find out!

1.4          With Threats Or Offerings?          Matthew 2: 1-12

1.11        Ready For Fire And Water            Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22

1.18       With Faith And Sight                     John 1: 43-51

1.25      Immediately                                       Mark 1: 14-20

2.1         Love>Knowledge                             1 Corinthians 8: 1-13

2.8        Commissioned                                 1Corinthians 9:16-23



December Sermons: The First Christmas Carols

One of our favorite parts of the Advent/Christmas season is the singing of our favorite Christmas Carols. Join us this last week in November and all through December as we take a look at the first Christmas Carols sung by the angels, Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and Simeon when they heard about the birth of Jesus Christ. If you like singing Christmas carols then you won’t want to miss a single Sunday since we’ll sing many of these beloved songs in preparation for our celebration of Christ’s birth!

November 30 Go Tell It On The Mountain

December 7 Ave Maria-Elizabeth’s Song

December 14 Mary’s Song

December 21 Zechariah’s Song

December 24 The Angel’s Song (Christmas Eve Candle Light 5:30 and 7:00)

December 28 Simeon’s Song


November Sermons:

This November we will walk through the Bible and Mike Slaughter’s book Shiny Gods as we name the contemporary idols that distract us from God, understand God’s viewpoint on how money, work, and debt relate to each other, and how to live more faithfully focused on our love for God and others through generosity.  During this period we also encourage you to pray and plan how God is leading you to support the ministries of Lakeside Fellowship United Methodist Church as we gather, grow, and sow the love of Jesus for the transformation of our families, church, community, and world in 2015.  You will be encouraged to fill out an “Estimate of Giving” card online at or a hard copy in person that will be distributed via mail or at church.  As always, if you and your family find yourselves in a position where you need help, please let us know so that we can offer you the support of our church family.   Give what you can back to God out of the abundance of all that God has given you.  Give what you can as a statement of your faith and love for Jesus Christ.  Give what you can because you believe in our Spirit-empowered mission to help our community experience salvation in Jesus.   Invite your friends and family to join us this November as we find the freedom Jesus Christ gives us from a distracted life into a life faithfully focused on love for God and others.


Nov 16, 2014: Make All You Can, Save All You Can, Give All You Can


October Sermons:


September Sermons: Good Work

“I can’t wait until the weekend!”  “Thank God it’s Friday!”  Most of us have heard and said these things before.  The implication is that the work we do during the week is something that we can’t wait to be over.  The other extreme is lived out by those who simply cannot stop working.  Nights, mornings, and weekends, even on vacations, they constantly check their phone messages, emails, and texts just to “stay plugged in.”  Do we live to work or work to live?

Invite a friend and join us this September as we explore an important question, “What is good work?”  We’ll look to the Bible to learn how God works, how God wants us to work, and why work is an important and fulfilling part of life.

August Sermons: Follow Me

When we first came to faith and joined the church we all said we were turning away from sin and evil, accepting the power of Jesus Christ to resist sin and evil, trusting only in his grace to save us, and serving him as our Lord.  From that time on, we’ve been learning how to follow Jesus in our eating, our sleeping, our work, our play, our hobbies, and in every phase of our lives!

The life-long quest of the disciple is to live into this question every day, “How can I follow Jesus in this situation?”  Come find out what we can learn about following Jesus through the lives of Moses, Abraham, Joseph, and the disciples.


  • 8/3:  Follow Me:  Moses
  • 8/10:  Follow Me:  Abraham
  • 8/17:  Follow Me:  Joseph
  • 8/24:  Follow Me:  Jesus’ Disciples


Summer Sermons(June & July): Letters From The Bible Mailbox

This summer we will be tying together the Bible passages the children are studying in Sunday School with the sermons so that families can all be studying the same things.  There are many letters in the Bible.  In fact, many people have referred to the whole Bible as God’s love letter to humanity.  So, we will be seeing what we can learn about following Jesus by reading “Letters From The Bible Mailbox.”  Join us and invite your friends!