Approximately 2 million children are homeless and hungry today, refugees from their Syrian country which is embroiled in civil war.  Radical religious militants are mercilessly murdering people who don’t share their faith in a shopping mall in Kenya, violently bitter over political history.  Here, in the relative peace of the U.S., mass shootings with battle-grade arms continue.  Mental illness and poisoned political and religious minds are now fully armed for war on the innocent.

Ironically, now more than ever in the history of the United States, people are growing blind to humanity’s need for a Savior.  Can the belief in salvation by technological innovation be held in the face of the violence we us it for?  Technology itself is neutral until grasped by the hands of diseased minds bent on destruction.  The real issues of good and evil reside in the human heart where the corrosive effects of sin dissolve good into red, powdery flakes.  Can faith in the ability of humankind to “do better” or to “save ourselves” withstand the giant waves of evidence our current and historical realities slam against it?

Jesus, You came plugging the bleeding holes of a nameless woman, touching the untouchable, casting out the demons, correcting the faithfully wrong, and crossing geographic, religious, cultural lines to spread the new life of Your Kingdom (Luke 8)!  Give us the strength of Your Spirit in the people of Lakeside Fellowship and in all who follow you across the globe to heal, feed, push out demons, reorder the disordered, make peace, forgive, and proclaim Your Kingdom through cross and empty tomb.  We need a Savior!  The world needs a Savior, and only You, who love Your creation enough to enter its pain, self-destruction, and death and who have the power to transform it into new life by way of resurrection, are up to the task!  Only a people resembling “little Christs” in words and deeds can remind the world that all hope is not lost!

Come, Lord Jesus!