Wow!  It’s October and life is flying faster than ever!  It seems that we are blessed with so many good opportunities that we are gorging on them!  Lord, give us strength of character to remember that, just as You commanded the Israelites only to gather what manna they needed for each day and not to fearfully store more, You, Jesus, teach us to pray for and trust You for daily bread, no more and no less!

The more we try to pack into a day than is necessary to live well, the more good things start to smell and taste spoiled.  Have you ever had so many great things planned that you rushed through them all, feeling like you couldn’t wait until they were all done?  Quality of life does suffer under the pressurized obsessions for unmet needs to be fulfilled and under crushing cravings for more than is needed.  Both seem driven by fears that there won’t be enough in the future, that there isn’t enough now, and that there is no God with enough power and love to provide what He knows we need.

Daily acknowledgment of our dependence on God is not only an act of faith, it also sets us right mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Trusting God to provide what is needed for God’s will to be done in our lives today sets us free from the fears and obsessions that ruin our appreciation of God’s blessings and sets us free to gather up the good gifts of God that we need!

We plan six months, a year, ten years, even to the day we die, sometimes missing the presence and gifts of God right now.  We try to pack more into each day, afraid we’ll miss some opportunity, afraid that we will sideline our future, or vainly afraid we will lose pace with our neighbors.  Dear God, help us to learn the lessons of daily bread!  By frantically gathering more than we need today, what we gather begins to rot.  Worse yet, we grow further from God, the source of all good life!

Give us the grace to gather Your daily gifts and let that be enough.  Give us the grace to trust You to know what we need and to love us enough to provide it.  Help us die to our fears so that we may find eternal life in You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!