Why Give?

People think of many things when they think of the word “church,” stained glass, choirs, people praying.  Sometimes they think of power and authority used badly.  Others have no images of church because they’ve never experienced it.  At Lakeside, we understand church to be a people God calls to gather new people to life in Jesus Christ, to grow deep relationships of love with God and each other, and to sow the love of Jesus in the world through acts of service.

As people consider giving to Lakeside, they often people want to know, “What kind of return have I received on my investment?”  When you invest in the ministry of Jesus Christ through Lakeside, you invest in lives growing whole, person to person, family to family, and throughout our community and world.

Here are some “God moments” regular giving to the church directly or indirectly supports:   Bringing people to Jesus through baptism, confirmation, and small groups.  One house church set a day aside to help with a widow’s needed home repairs.  On a Mountain Top Mission trip, one man returned to share his utter joy that God used him to help repair a home for a family so that DCF would allow the children to continue to live with their parents.  Around 35-50 children and 10-15 youth a week grow in their faith in Jesus weekly.  Over 800 children enjoyed story-time at our pumpkin patch.

When you invest in Lakeside, you are investing in the eternal lives of individuals and families.  You are investing in our community.  Furthermore, you are investing in raising the next generation of children who will become our future leaders in the church and in the community.


Ways to Give:

Online donation

through a secured portal via Paypal by clicking on the button below:


Estimate of Giving Card 2017

We thank you for your generous acceptance of stewardship and pray you may find the level of giving that is right for you as you progress in your journey of faith and commitment. Your pledges and contributions are a critical part of how we can make a difference in our church, our community, and our world.

Please take the time to fill out the secure form below or you may print a EOG and turn it into the church office. By completing an estimate of giving form you enable us to make plans for the coming year’s ministries. Thank you for your generosity. Should you have questions about your giving or the church budget, please contact Troy Antonik (, Chair of Lakeside’s Finance Team.

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Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is both a convenient and reliable way to fulfill your financial commitment to the church. EFT is also the most cost-efficient method of giving to the church since it reduces administrative costs and helps maintain a predictable cash flow.  View form. 


Everyday purchases through the UMC Marketplace

UMC Market ( was created by the United Methodist Church in partnership with major online retailers.  By using UMC Market to make your purchases from partner retailers, Lakeside will commissions of 1-9% of their online purchases made through their UMC Market account.  There are all kinds of online retailers that participate including Amazon.  Check it out.  It is just one small step in your shopping process!



By offering your time and talents to Lakeside you are giving to the Kingdom of God.  We appreciate all you do to help us on the mission.