Основные RGBIs There Worship Sunday, December 27th?  Of course!

What better way is there to continue to celebrate the Christmas season than by coming to worship the new born King!  Sing your favorite Christmas carols, pray, listen to Scripture, see friends and church family, and commune with Christ on Sunday.  It will be a special time of considering God’s call on our lives in the year to come as we remember God’s covenant love for us and “Re-Up” our love for God.  Hope to see you there!

Time To Re-Up!

This Sunday will be a special time of worship.  Yes, bask in the glow of Christmas celebration, singing more of our favorite carols and spending time in prayer and scripture.  But more than that, we will remember how Christ’s coming fulfilled God’s covenant love for us, and we will re-up our covenant love for God.  This will be a spectacular way to get your new year focused on the love of Christ as your starting point!  It will require some preparation.  So here are some big questions to pray about as you prepare to meet God in worship this week:

1.       Are you willing to offer your whole life this year to doing whatever God asks of you, no matter how unpleasant the task, no matter how big or small the tasks of love?
2.       What sins have you struggled with in thoughts, words, or deeds this past year?  Ask Jesus for grace to replace them with his ways.
3.       What things or people have you placed in front of God this year?

I look forward to a rich time of worship and an outpouring of God’s grace upon us Sunday!  Merry Christmas!

Pastor Cameron