“The sparrow has found her a house and the swallow a nest where she may lay her young; by the side of your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God (Psalm 84: 2-3).”

Ever feel like you need a safe, quiet place to go and be still; a place of safety; a place where you can hit the pause button on all the activity of the busy world?  The Psalmist describes a scene on the outside of the sanctuary in the Temple.  The birds have literally found a safe place to make a home and raise their young.  The Psalmist goes on to say, “Happy are they who dwell in your house…Happy are the people whose strength is in you!”  People, it seems, find safety and strength in God’s presence in God’s sanctuary.

I know at Lakeside that we worship in a multi-purpose room that we have made our place of worship.  We still hope that you and anyone in Sanford or Lake Mary will find it to be a place that feels like home and a place where people find their strength in God.  The designs for Lakeside’s new facilities include a sanctuary that is set apart as a place of worship where people experience the presence, healing and strength of God.

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed by the juggling act of life or in need of direction and strength to make difficult decisions, I invite you to drop by our sanctuary.  Certainly God is everywhere, but I also believe that God sets aside  special places like sanctuaries in which to meet us time and time again.

Peace of Jesus,

Pastor Cameron