Jesus replied (to Nicodemus), “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again (John 3:3).”


All of my Christian life I have been told how important it is to “get into the Word.”  For much of my early Christian years I got the message that it was vital to following Jesus, but I wasn’t clear why.  Now that I’m a bit further along in my life with Jesus, I have come to understand that practices like prayer, Bible study, worship, Christian conversation, service, and others are life giving because in them we learn to recognize God in our lives.  If you follow the metaphor Jesus uses comparing spiritual eyes to physical eyes, these practices help us develop eyes to “see” or recognize God who has been working in our hearts and in our world all along.  We often do not experience God because we do not know God well enough to recognize him!  Thus, knowing Jesus through the presence of his Holy Spirit AND through regular study of the Bible helps us recognize Jesus working in and around our lives!


Now, I know that in these days of mobility and constant activity, it is a challenge to set aside time to read and pray.  However, neither you nor I will grow in our love for and service to Jesus without making it a priority.  So, Lakeside is here to help you!


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      Lord, give us the grace to commit ourselves to knowing and loving you more through the study of the scriptures in 2016.  May you open our spiritual eyes to see your love and work in and around us this year!  Amen!